kisarazumama (kisarazumama) wrote in yokaimonsters,

"53 Stations of the Yokaido Road"

On Wednesday night the Japan Information and Cultural Center in DC is presenting a talk and screening by Shigeru Mizuki (of Kitaro fame) on his ambitious new project, which is no less than a full series of woodblock prints in the style of the famous Hiroshige series "Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido Road", re-interpreted as "a haunted journey down a classic ukiyo-e, featuring GeGeGe no Kitaro". Mizuki has painted new yokai-loaded versions of all 53 classic prints, which are to be reproduced as limited edition woodblock prints by "the master woodcarvers and printmakers of our time" using "the exact procedures employed back in Hiroshige's day". Sounds like a yokai fan's dream. =)

Here's a link to the JICC mainpage with info on the exhibit.

And here's a link to Mizuki's publisher, Yanoman, which has great images of some of the prints--click on the block with the red arrow midway down the page.

(I wonder what they're going to cost...)
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